About VROA for Guests

When renting a private vacation home - the best surprise is no surprise. And VROA is your best indication of quality homes properly operated for your enjoyment. Not all homes meet our standards so be sure to look for those that display our logo.

The Vacation Rental Industry Association (VROA) is an industry trade association that offers training, property inspections, owner certification and other services, all designed to help guests know they are getting what they pay for. Our organization is one where owners help other owners set a high professional standard.  We have over a hundred services that help owners do a good job. Here are some of the major benefits:

OWNER CODE OF ETHICS: VROA members are the cream of the crop. Joining requires they approve and agree to our basic code of ethics. How the Owner treats guests is as important as how nicely they keep their homes. Expect the best from VROA members.

PROPERTY INSPECTIONS: Blue Ribbon Inspection program sends qualified inspectors to each house with a long checklist of requirements. Homes vary, of course, from rustic cabins in the woods to huge villas by the ocean. But they must be clean, well furnished, nicely located and be exactly as portrayed in the advertising and sales materials.

PROPERTY INSURANCE: Prior to VROA, many home owners utilized standard second home insurance for the home. But lodging properties and guests have unique requirements so we have arranged liability and property insurance services specifically designed for private vacation homes. You'll feel better renting a home with proper coverage.

OWNER CERTIFICATIONS: A good rental experience also requires good customer service. VROA members can study and be tested to earn our coveted "Certified Vacation Rental Owner" designation. It means they know the ropes about offering a clean, well suited vacation home including outfitting and operating their rental home.

PROPERTY LISTINGS: And how do you find a VROA inspected and Owner certified home? Look no further than our website for guests, it is at www.VacationRentalCentral.com. It lists member homes and indicates which awards the home has earned. And there is no cost for guests.

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