VROA Owner Code of Ethics

To ensure that Guests and Suppliers can rely on committed and professional Vacation Property Owners All VROA members are asked to conform to this General Code of Ethic.

Offerings: Every property must be available and ready for rental to qualified parties without discrimination. Owners may offer their properties directly or through lodging management firms.

Qualifications: Within governmental regulations, owners may establish guest qualifications including those relating to minimum age and number of occupants. Properties must possess all required governmental authorizations.

Quality: Properties come in a variety of sizes, locations and types. The quality of the home should be accurately described in advertising and to inquiring guests. As a minimum properties must include well functioning bathrooms, kitchens and be free from defects.

Pricing: Rates and other fees should be published and made available to all Guests prior to rental. Care should be taken to fully disclose all other fees and taxes that apply to.

Advertising: Property ads must be accurate and complete including the limitations or deficiencies of the property. To provide guests accurate information with which to make a decision websites, brochures and other materials should include photos, drawings, floor plans and clear concise descriptions.

Communications: Owners must communicate accurately and quickly to prospective and current guest questions, requests or problems. Office hours should be disclosed to prospective and current guests.

Cleaning: All properties will be thoroughly cleaned between guests. Periodic deep cleaning such as windows, carpets and walls should be scheduled.

Maintenance: Properties must be well kept up and should receive periodic preventative maintenance.

Damages: When charging guests for damages, owners should clearly define the nature of the damages and the expenses incurred in repairing them.

Cancellations: The owner's cancellation policy must be published, included in rental agreements, made known to guests and adhered to.

Commissions: Owners need not offer commissions to travel agents, wholesalers and others. But if they agree to do so, owners should pay such fees timely.

Deposits: Deadlines for the return of guest deposits as well as other deposit returns should be published and adhered to.

Emergencies: Owner's should make provision to handle properties emergencies. Preparation should include phone numbers to call in the case of fire, medical problems or lesser needs. Office hours should be provided so guests know when emergency assistance is not available from the Owner.

Taxes: Where required, owners must take care to register their rentals as businesses with appropriate governmental authorities and must collect and remit all taxes.

Repairs: Repairs necessitated during a guest's stay should be attended to as soon as reasonably possible especially if the repairs greatly inconvenience the guest.