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Setting Property Refund Policies

By William May
Published: 11/08/12 Topics: Comments: -

There are good reasons why Guests may be due a full or partial refund on their stay. And other reasons which can severaly and unfairly affect the property owners bottom line. Setting reasonable and logical cancellation and refund rules is just good business. Read more

Vacation Rental Huts on Wheels

By William May
Published: 10/15/12 Topics: Comments: -

How about a vacation rental on wheels, and no its not a mobile home Not exactly. Tom Kundig is an architect who had an interesting problem and more interesting solution. They're called Rolling Huts. You'll want to know more. Read more

Bed Bugs Are a Matter of When

By William May
Published: 09/11/12 Topics: Comments: -

Bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness. Sorry to gross you out but all they need to survive and thrive is warm fresh blood - maybe yours. But lodging operators can take steps to limit and eliminate those buggers when they arrive. (Notice we did not say if!) Read more

Vacation Rentals Enhance the Neighborhood

By William May
Published: 08/15/12 Topics: Comments: -

Going to a grand hotel for grand service will never go away. Stopping for a quick night at a convenient motel makes long trips easier. And now Vacation Rentals allow property owners to share their homes with responsible guests. It lights up the neighborhood, keeps home in good condition and shows the communities hospitality. Read more

Netiquette - How to Write an Email

By William May
Published: 07/18/12 Topics: Comments: -

RSVP: Not everyone remembers what this means, but if you need a response include it and/or remind the user to respond such as "Please let me know your thoughts one way or the other." Read more

Ocean Song Cottages Joins Goldener Resorts

By Taylor May
Published: 07/03/12 Topics: Comments: -

Goldener Resorts announces that Ocean Song Cottages have joined its network so that the updated but traditional beach cottages can be offered to a wide group of visitors. Read more

Stealing Music for Your Video is Expensive

By William May
Published: 06/23/12 Topics: Comments: -

Creating a swell video for your vacation rental home is easier and cheaper than ever. You'll be tempted to use your favorite song to set the mood and reel in more renters. But becareful with which tune you pick or it will cost you dearly. Read more

Tourism Destinations are Killing Tourists

By William May
Published: 06/01/12 Topics: Comments: -

Tourism is a clean, responsible industry that brings in visitors anxious to shop, attend events, tour attractions, rent lodging, and pay the taxes that go with them. So why do local government officials kill vacation rentals and turn away the easy spending guests who want them? Read more

Good News Comes to Television from Unexpected Source

By William May
Published: 05/15/12 Topics: Comments: -

After decades of criticizing television for its negative portrayal of news, dramas and other shows an unexpected source of good news comes from reality TV with unreal situations but very real human reactions. Read more

Fighting Over Vacation Rental Scraps

By William May
Published: 05/01/12 Topics: Comments: -

Washington State's open-membership, open-forum, not-for-profit trade association for managers, suppliers and supporters of the vacation rental industry. Read more

Oh No, Mount Rainier Has Disappeared

By William May
Published: 04/15/12 Topics: Comments: -

Mount Rainier disappeared today. Poof. Gone. I looked up and it was missing from the horizon. Reminded me of the day, 20 years ago, when Mount Saint Helens disappeared. Read more

Housekeepers Discover Black Lights

By Deresa Norman
Published: 03/01/12 Topics: Comments: -

In a cruel twist of science, housekeepers have discovered a thrown-back from the 60's that helps them clean properties faster and better. Read more

Twas the Night before Vacation Rental Christmas

By Jan Covey
Published: 12/31/11 Topics: Comments: -

The Christmas and New Years Holidays are a big season in almost every vacation rental market. Read how one plucky manager gets through the hub bub. Read more

Jonathan's Personal Rental Story

By Jonathan Mcintyre
Published: 08/01/11 Topics: Comments: -

Read more

Vacationers Demand Whistles and Bells!

By Thelma Coffone
Published: 07/11/11 Topics: Comments: -

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Empowerment. It works

By Greg Coffone
Published: 07/01/11 Topics: Comments: -

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Reputation management in the age of online slander

By William May
Published: 06/01/11 Topics: Comments: -

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The Love of Work Well Done

By Wm. May
Published: 05/24/11 Topics: Comments: -

Dad was a very quiet soft spoken guy who ran a truck dealership (kinda of like a car dealership). His customers loved him, his employees loved him, and no one ever quit. He grew up on a wind-swept ranch in North Dakota, went off to war, and took care of his family every day thereafter.

Exactly fifty years ago, at the age of fifteen, a buddy and I helped him move to a new building and set up all of the shelving and equipment. He was so proud. That time frame seems impossible, except Dad departed this earth over 20 years ago.

After all those years, and on a whim, I recently stopped into the truck shop, and it was as if he had never left.

As I walked in, I must not have looked like the usual trucker because several parts men gave me the long look. One came out and said, "May I help you?"

I said, "Oh no, I was just looking around at the shop that I helped my Dad set up 50 years ago. And with that, he literally jumped up and down and said, "You must be Dick May's son. Hey everybody, Dick's son is here."

Although Dad retired from that store over 40 years ago, people came running and soon all work had stopped while the entire crew told me stories I had not heard. About his always positive attitude, his constant smile and his encyclopedic knowledge of everything truck. Some had never met me, but all knew the stories as if they knew him.

In return, I told them of how all those years ago when I was helping my Dad set up the store--worried about its future--that I had asked him, "Dad, how are you ever going to compete with Eckerts." Eckerts Truck Shop was the big dog competitor in town.

As usual, Dad just smiled slightly, looked around to make sure no one else could hear, kind of held his breath, looked both ways again, bent over slightly and then whispered,

"Well Billy boy, here is how it is. Here is how I see it."

"Number one, I am fairly sure I can out think them."

"But number two, I am 100% absolutely sure I can out work them."

The love of work, the love of work well done, was my Dad's secret weapon.

It was only a few years after he uttered those words (that I have now repeated hundreds of times,) that the Eckerts closed shop.

Dad's business became every trucker's favorite place to buy parts, get their rigs serviced or just stop in for coffee and see that smiled, a smile that is still remembered 40 years later.

Wm. May – Truck Lover

Keep It Simple

By Greg Coffone
Published: 05/01/11 Topics: Comments: -

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Vacationers Demand Whistles and Bells

By Thelma Coffone
Published: 04/01/11 Topics: Comments: -

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